Wednesday, December 5, 2018


I have been sitting here eagerly planning my 2019 return to the blogging world... and then I was like- Val, come the heck on. What are you doing? Why in the world are you going to waste another 4 weeks just sitting around thinking about content and writing and all of the things... instead of just getting your butt in gear and doing it now? So I slapped that bad idea out of my own head and here I am! AND. I have been doing the internal voices battle of launching this as a comeback or just kind of sneaking back into the blog- and acting like it hasn't been almost three years since I've written. But that would be dumb. I want you guys to know where I've been and what I've been doing. It's not like I just vanished! I've been building my brand on social media, growing my coaching business, traveling and I also had another baby! In case if you don't follow me on IG or Facebook where I of course have shared every step of the pregnancy and postpartum journey there! I've been immersed in all things family and business for the past couple of years! So now! I have really missed blogging! I see all of my friends who blog and I was like... so why did I stop that again?- well i'm not gonna. I am back and ready to share with you all of the content that makes feel good and I'm hoping that not only are you going to be excited about it! But that you will share it with your friends too!

Today, I'm just going to keep it short and sweet with a few tips on HOW I KEEP MYSELF SANE AND TOGETHER during the Holiday Season! Especially as a mom of 3 girls, a wife to my high school sweetheart and a business owner who let's be real.. would be a workaholic if I didn't have my hubs to say... PRIORITIES BABE. Let's keep them in check.

#1- Stop feeling like you have to deprive yourself of all the things! Listen- I am totally into health and wellness. It's how I've built my brand, how I lost over 20 pounds nearly 5 years ago, kept it off, got some abs and muscles I never knew could exist in my body and then got pregnant, had a kick butt pregnancy and NOW i've lost all of my baby weight the HEALTHY WAY... of again, not depriving myself but taking the show up for me everyday approach. So listen. find YOUR happy medium between over indulging like you are a bear stocking up before going to hibernate for winter and depriving yourself to the point where you didn't have your fave holiday treats and then you go and end up binge eating all the things to make up for it. Don't do that. Drink lots of water, eat veggies or a salad first and then pick your faves and have some!!! Be prepared before a party, and just enjoy the season with your family and friends. I drink my shake everyday to help keep the cravings at bay and especially before I go to a party where I know I'm gonna want to eat everything in sight. Kinda my happy medium!

#2- Workout everyday. Yep. I said it. Workout everyday. Okay- at least six times a week. 30 minutes a day. And here is WHY. Because it's the best way to reduce stress, anxiety, tiredness, and a bad mood! It's the best way to increase mood, gain energy, be happy, less stressed and actually feel so good about yourself! Sweat really does do something magical! PLUS you'll be eating more than normal during the holidays.. We all do sister! It's okay! So you'll be prepared and PLUS- you'll get into a routine NOW so come January 1st it won't be that God awful New Years Resolution again.. you know the one you make every year.. that's not cool. Start now.

#3- Lots of water. Drink up!! Seriously it helps. Flush your system of the crap you're eating and the added stress that just comes with the territory of BEING MOM AT CHRISTMAS! I want to add how much I love it when people talk about this being the cold and flu season... no friend it should be called the increased exposure to germs from travel and being in and out of school parties and lowered immunity because of the garbage you're eating season!! LOL!! I'm one of the garbage eating people too so don't think i'm over here like munching on carrot sticks while everyone else is eating the lady fingers. GUESS AGAIN. I will stuff my face plenty. trust me! So water and my shake and lots of zinc and vitamin C and D are my sick fighters. Along with the workouts! It usually does pretty good!

#4- And last but not least. Just don't sabotage all of your hard work. Ask yourself- is this cookie really worth it? Or should I wait for grandma's homemade peanut butter pie on Sunday? It's kinda the this or that theory and it has worked for me. I AM NOT a statistic of the gaining weight around the holidays. I LOVE TO MAINTAIN and then hit the workout program and meal planning hard in January. So if you want some help from yours truly- shoot me an email and we can get ya hooked up with something that will fit YOU and YOUR LIFE.

Don't miss me on FB and IG| IG STORIES. I'm there errrrday loves! Thanks for reading! There's so much more coming your way! STAY TUNED!


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Eat Glitter For Breakfast

You know that silly little saying---

I Eat Glitter For Breakfast? {{ Okay okay. I know the mug says eat cake for breakfast-- just pretend that it has glitter instead of cake! }}

Well- I feel like that should be every woman's motto. There is something about it that really just perks me up and makes me change my mindset to be AWESOME everyday. It's kind of like wearing a cape. Like a reminder to be the best superhero that I can be for myself and for my family... everyday.

Not striving to be perfect. Not striving to be someone who I'm not. But to be ME. And to love ME first so that way I can be the best version of me for everyone else! Does that even make sense? I hope this explains it!!

Do you feel like you know who you are? Like really know. Or do you feel like you have been trapped inside of a label for so long that you've lost yourself completely?

Are you a mom. A wife. A friend. A mentor/business woman. Do you wear many hats? Do you feel like you spend so much time filling other peoples' cups that you do not take the time to fill your own everyday?

I used to be this person! I used to say- I'm a wife! I have to do wife things... and I would never take ME time. Then I became a mom-- and then my baby came first for everything... and I hate to say it- at times.. too many times the baby came before my husband too. Then came baby #2 and it got even worse. I felt like I was in a constant spiral of cooking, cleaning, diapers, nursing, bath time, bedtime, etc that I never STOPPED...

Until one day. I did stop. I looked in the mirror and I did NOT recognized the woman staring back at me. Val had been gone for so long that I didn't know if I would ever come back.

That's when I made a CHOICE. A difficult and sometimes a very unbelievable choice--- to start changing my mindset. To start putting me first. To start saying NO to others if it meant jeopardizing my priorities. I started putting MYSELF FIRST!...

And oh my gosh. Was that scary!!

I told myself this everyday:

√ 1 workout won't fix you 

√ 1 week of clean eating won't make you healthy 

√ 1 personal development book won't change your mindset forever.

Do it all daily. Everyday. Never stop. Never skip. Just start to change. Never. Give up.

heart emoticon
And then I started to see and feel changes. I felt better and realized that he trio is fail proof---> if you apply it! because I did!

Give yourself a gut check.

Are you going to give this your all- or are you going to float by on autopilot and make excuses?

Start the change to find YOU and do something everyday that your future self will thank you for!!

I DECIDED that I was going to exercise, start a career in turning my fitness into a business and being the best mom/wife I could be----> AFTER putting my needs first for 30 minutes a day to make my mindset solid and my body thankful for the royal treatment!

We all have a choice.

A choice to either let the stress and negative thoughts build up and eat at us---

Or a choice to pray and let it all go! 

A choice to tell YOURSELF that today is a great day! That no matter what- we have the ability to breath in goodness and exhale the bad.

Repeat after me:

I am enough.

I am able to make the most and the best of every day I am given.

I have the ability to wake up and live everyday with happiness.

I am alive and today is a gift.

Remember to stop and smell the roses. Don't get so caught up in everything that you forget the simple things in life that mean the most. And the fact that you CAN live any life that you choose to create. I am living my DREAMS all because I made a choice to change. A choice to make a difference and it all started with ME! I feel amazing. I am grateful for my life and when life throws me curve balls. 

I eat glitter for breakfast!

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