Monday, September 2, 2013


So, all of you new mommy's out there, LISTEN UP! This one is for you! I am starting my New Mommy Challenge Group on September 9th! I swear I know so many friends who have had babies recently! It must have been something in the water ;) Since I have two precious angels of my own, I also know first had that the post baby body can take a back seat on the priority list. Well, if I can offer any advice it is this. DO NOT put yourself LAST! I swear I put myself last so much that it made me fall into a little bit of depression. I was (and of course am) SO HAPPY with my life! But, when someone else needed something then they always came first! You try to be an awesome wife and do as much as you can for your husband and then you obviously want to be THE BEST MOMMY EVER, so you do EVERYTHING for your baby. Baby cries, you are right there to cuddle, baby needs a diaper change, you never hesitate, baby spits up, you rush to clean it up... Well, you get the picture. And then you have so much to do around the house and if you are a mom who works outside of the home on top of it.. let's just say that you are probably not putting yourself first in many areas.
I am here to tell you that you NEED to put yourself first. If you are not healthy then your happiness will start to fade and then guilt will set in because you aren't as happy as you should be. Then the cycle goes around and around.  And a large percentage of people use food as comfort, so then you start eating to console your emotions and BAM... instead of losing the weight it slowly creeps back on. Who can relate???
I AM HERE TO HELP! I want to be your coach. I want to be your cheerleader! I want to give you every reason that you CAN AND WILL do this for YOU! If you aren't happy then how can you expect everyone around you to be happy too? Happy mommy = happy baby!! And happy wife= happy hubby ;)


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