Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 2: T25 Gamma/21 Day Fix Meal Plan

WELL!! Yesterday was officially the end of week 1 of Focus T25. My hybrid schedule of Gamma/Beta is going awesome! I am feeling it.. for sure!  I kept up with my meal plan that I posted last Sunday and it was pretty much an all around awesome week. I was sore for the first few days, but that goes away after a few days of getting used to a new routine :) I love the feeling of soreness! It means that I am working hard and changing my body!! 

So, what did my schedule look like? 

Well, here it is!

DAY 1: SPEED 3.0- Definitely cardio! And you know what I say- cardio is HARDIO! I do it because I need to, but I definitely prefer lifting weights. This is an awesome workout routine though. You won't get bored!! It is high intensity for sure and I get a fast sweat and the workout is over fast! 25 minutes baby!
DAY 2: RIPT UP- Love this one! I love to use weights and this might be my fave!!  
DAY 3: EXTREME CIRCUIT- exactly what it says! EXTREME CIRCUIT! You are working it all! Cardio, weights, and high intensity come together to give you an amazing 25 minute sweat sesh! LOVE IT ALL!
DAY 4: THE PYRAMID- Who am I kidding. I love this one just as much as all of the other ones I say I love ;)  The pyramid is literally a lot of reps and weights the whole time! So here is an example.. For bicep curls it goes 1... 1,2... 1,2,3....1,2,3,4 and so on! So you are doing LOTS until you burn out your muscles! It works awesome!
DAY 5: TOTAL BODY AND SPEED 3.0- Total body isssss TOTAL BODY! Everything will be worked! I think my hair got a workout! Pushups, planks, abs, upper body, butt.. everything! You will not be disappointed! 

Then, on Saturday I ran a Spartan Sprint. 4.3 miles of mud, trails, obstacles and FUN! Yes, I said fun! It was awesome and I totally recommend anyone who wants a challenge to run one! I will be running a lot more in the future! FOR SURE!

I mentioned above that my meal plan was pretty much spot on. The only thing that fell to the wayside was Saturday's meal plan because we were at the race all day! So after we ran I had a banana, protein shake and a cliff bar to get my protein, potassium, electrolytes and all that jazz pumped back into me! Then, I downed a cheeseburger-- bc let's face it... I was starting and that was as good of protein I was going to get at the end of a 4 mile obstacle course ;) 

So this is what works for me. The T25 meal plan is great, but I tend to use more of the 21 Day Fix meal plan with all of my workouts. It is simple and I just measure out what I am eating. 

I will say that I am totally obsessed with the 21 Day Fix program as well! It's pretty much amazing! I just took a little break to rock out some T25 for the next 3 weeks!!

For me, I am in the 1,500-1,799 calorie range! That gives me 4 green (veggies) 3 purple (fruits), 4 Red (protein) 3 Yellow (starchy carbs) 1 Blue (nuts, ect) 1 Orange (nuts and dressings) 4 spoons (nut butters, olive oil).  

Then, each container is broken down in the manual with a list of foods that you can eat.  I love it because I can easily pick from each list and create a meal plan for the week.  I love that the foods are listed in order of importance. So the higher on the list the foods are the more nutritionally sound they are! Of course you should have a variety of foods from the lists to give you variety of nutrients for your body.

I have not been eating out of the containers, but I measure and pour onto my plate.  Surprisingly each time I do that I am amazed with how much food I am still eating.

You do get the option to drink milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut water, coconut milk and fruit juices but you have to sub out a yellow container and you are only allowed them 3x per week!  So it does make you re think your drink as well.  I tend to forgo the almond milk in my shake so that I can have the carb later in the day to keep my energy level up!  Also you can have a glass of wine but you give up a yellow container which is a carb for the day!  In my case, I would rather eat food than drink wine!  I get grumpy without food!  lol

How does Shakeology fit into this??  It is counted as a Red container which is a protein!  :)  BONUS easy quick meal for me!

There are also treats allowed as well. They give you a list of treat ideas that replace a yellow container. 

Recipes!  There are a list of seasoning mixes that you can whip up to prepare your food with!  There are container recipes for your veggies, protein and starchy carbs as well.  I love the recipes for your shakeology and the home made dressing recipes!!! 

There is an awesome restaurant guide as well.  I like that they give you a list of restaurant foods and what containers that they will check off.  For example cheese and veggie pizza (1/4 of  12inch slice) is 2 yellow, 1 orange and 1 green!  In my opinion that would not be worth it to me!  I'm all about getting the most out of the foods that I eat!!!!  The one I would go with is lean meat tacos (soft corn) with cheese, lettuce, and salsa (2 tacos) is 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 green and 1 blue!
Now that is worth it and filling! 

So now the hard part is figuring out how to keep track of all this and make it work for you!  Luckily we have made it easy for you!  On the Team Beachbody site there are tracking sheets that you can put your container allowance at the top and you can tally each meal of the day and check of what you have! This really gives you a visual to follow.

For me, I am the meal planner so I made myself a color coded excel spreadsheet where I plugged in exactly what I am going to eat for the week. Then along side of that I have my sheet of paper with my grocery list of things I need to pick up at the store.  This way when I am done with the meal plan I can print it off and stick it on the fridge, so I don't forget what I am making.  Then, I shop so that I actually have the food I planned for! This makes my life so much easier.  No standing in front of the fridge each night wondering what to make!!!

Do you want in on my 21 Day Fix accountability and Support?!?!  Complete the application below to be considered for my next accountability and support group!  I will keep you on track to reaching your own 21 day success!!!!  We will be doing this up until the New Year! Don't wait to get healthy ! Do it NOW!! The start of a new you, a healthier lifestyle and the body you have always wanted..... THE HEALTHY WAY!!

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